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Document A Design: MUJI CD Player

Document A Design

Document a Design: MUJI CD Player by Naoto FUkasawa

Pick a design and create a mini book about the design

Individual  / Rhode Island School of Design / 2017 Spring / 4 weeks

Whether celebrating or attacking a design, we must be able to understand it. This project is about getting to know a design and taking on a point of view about it and then explaining my point of view to other people.

A big part of a design practice is an ability to understand and analyse and communicate about a design. Sometimes that means selling a design that you like, and persuading people that it’s a great design. Sometimes that means being able to explain why and how a design fails. Sometimes it means evaluating both the good and bad parts of a design.


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Draft with comments

Final draft with comments

Final draft with comments

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Mini Book



PDF version is available here